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Water magic of nature
It is hardly possible to accurately count how many waterfalls there are in Krasnodar region. The geography of their spread is quite extensive (from the foothills to mountain peaks) and the sizes also vary - there are small (from 2-3 meters) and giant waterfalls (over 100-150 meters). It's almost impossible to reach some of them, but meeting them will certainly be remembered for a long time.
And what poetic names many of them have! Roman Road waterfall (also, Turtle) (Fanagoriyskoye village), Pearl waterfall (5.5 m, Utrish village), Grafskie ruins waterfall (11 m, Novosadovy village); Blue waterfalls on the Chisty stream (18 m, Tuapse district), waterfalls of Bolshoy Sochi: in the Chudo-Krasotka tract (Volkonka village), Mafape (translated from the Adyghe as "mouth of the happy river"), Orekhovsky, Samshitovye, Agur waterfalls.

In the mountain gorge of the Dzhegosh tract, 4 km away from the village of Bolshoy Kichmai (Lazarevsky district of Bolshoy Sochi), you can visit an amazing place - 33 waterfalls, which are also called Dzhegosh. Underground springs fill the fast stream Dzhegosh, which flows directly from the top of the mountain, passing through 14 rapids and 7 rifts, forming a network of magnificent waterfalls.

There is an ancient legend according to which an evil giant lived in these places and harmed people in every possible way. People's hero Gutch managed to defeat the giant with the help of beehives and his battle sword. During the fall, the giant broke the mountain, from which water flowed, forming 33 steps on the slope.

Also among the most popular among tourists are other beautiful waterfalls of Krasnodar region.

Kaverze waterfalls
This is a whole cascade of five waterfalls located on the Tambovskaya Cleft stream in the vicinity of Goryachy Klyuch, near the village of Khrebtovoye. The most famous of them is Bolshoi Kaverzinsky. It is 90 kilometers away from Krasnodar by car. Another 5 kilometers need to be done on foot. Moreover, a significant part of the route runs along the stream bed.

Ayuk waterfall
The waters of the Burlachenkova Cleft brook form it. The stream falls down in two ledges, the height of which is 4 and 5 meters. At the foot of the waterfall a natural pool is formed, where you can swim in the white water. It has such a color because of the huge amount of tiny air bubbles.

Another local attraction is the Small Fanagoria Cave above the road. To enter it, you will have to climb a cliff 11 meters high. The length of the underground galleries is almost 30 meters, so the cave is of particular interest to lovers of speleology.

Kesukh waterfall
The height of the waterfall is more than 20 meters. It is also located in the area of Goryachy Klyuch, 3.5 kilometers away from the village with the romantic name Podnavisla. It is a hundred kilometers away from Krasnodar.

Chinarsky waterfall
Another name for this beautiful waterfall is Shkolny. It is located next to the Russkiy Khutor, near the village of Mezmay (Apsheronsk district). Water falls here into the rocky amphitheater from a height of 12 meters. Behind the falling mass of water there is a deep picturesque grotto. A great place for stunning landscape photos and fantastic selfies.