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Weekend in Krasnodar:
City Day, stand-up surfing
and youth street art
Krasnodar is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the South of the country for compatriots from other regions. It attracts with its mild climate, extensive entertainment program, parks and activities. It is especially important to visit "Little Paris" now, in the tender velvet season, when walking along the alleys, exploring the old center and having picnics is an incomparable pleasure. And on weekends, the city's life becomes truly hectic and eventful thanks to the influx of guests and entrepreneurs who come to the business capital of the South for meetings and major business events.
The last weekend in September will be no exception. On the contrary, the guests of Krasnodar will have even more opportunities for interesting leisure, as the Kuban capital celebrates its 228th anniversary. This means that on September 25 and 26, adults and children will be able to touch the history of the city, take part in activities at various venues, visit book, multimedia and photo exhibitions and enjoy outdoor film screenings right in the city's parks.
One of the most interesting expositions within the framework of the City Day will unfold in the Municipal Concert Hall "Premiere". At the multimedia exhibition "Routes of Sensations" all weekend you will be able to observe, guess, listen and even inhale Krasnodar. A project specially prepared for the holiday will reveal to the viewer all the contrasts, facets and frantic dynamics of a modern city through photography and moments frozen on them; through sound art (the musicians have collected all the intersound of Krasnodar in ambient compositions); multimedia where the future meets the present; even through perfume (the exhibition will present a whole collection of fragrances dedicated to the Krasnodar city).

A number of other exhibitions will be held in Chistyakovskaya Roscha, where guests of the city will be able to combine business with pleasure and spend time not only relaxed in a walk in the park or at a picnic, but also interestingly and profitably at events timed to coincide with the anniversary. So, for example, in the grove on September 25, a photo exhibition "I see you, Krasnodar '' will be held, where photographers of different ranks, ages and status will present their vision of the city's life. And there will also be an open-air book exhibition dedicated to the history and culture of Kuban.
Youth City Day
And all Sunday (September 26) will be occupied by the youth part of the celebration - by tradition, the territory in front of the Olympus Sports Palace and along it, as well as the Zaton graffiti park will be devoted to street art master classes, performances and the creation of new art objects within the framework of the City Day.

In addition to graffiti, young guests are invited to various master classes, including DJing and dancing, football freestyle and zumba fitness. Also for young people there are recreation areas, photo zones, chess and sports tournaments, an extreme zone with skateboards and scooters, workouts and even yoga.
Open-air video program
For family leisure on weekends, the video program "Krasnodar Unites '' is perfect. In the parks of Krasnodar, on the occasion of the City Day, broadcasts of concerts-films will be organized, in which interviews with local residents, performances by ensembles, creative groups and associations, excursion videos and interesting historical facts about the city will be collected. The evening video program will be broadcasted in the squares ``Festival", "Garden", them. Leonard Gatov, on Platanovy Boulevard, in the village of Starokorsunskaya and in the village of Loris.

And those who want to get to know Krasnodar better or experience its non-standard entertainment outside the City Day poster will also find something to do. For example, go around all the art objects in Krasnodar Park and admire the rarest bottle tree of incredible shape originally from South America, or go on a boat trip along the Kuban River on a sapa (a special stable board controlled by a rower with an extended oar). This kind of leisure will appeal to both adults and children.

By the way, a trip to the Krasnodar hippodrome (one of the oldest in Russia) can also become a memorable event - here you can take riding lessons, give children communication with animals in a pony club, and even hold a photo session.
Guests of the city will be interested to know that the main street, Krasnaya, is closed on weekends, and it becomes a pedestrian street, which means that you can walk right along the roadway from the main city square to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, visiting museums, numerous leisure and gastronomic places along the way. and admiring the old houses with wrought-iron lanterns and patterned balconies in stucco molding.
A weekend in Krasnodar is a special atmosphere in which you want to dive into, like in a carnival. And the last weekend of September will be the quintessence of all the most beautiful, vibrant and entertaining that is in the Kuban capital. At the time of epidemiological prohibitions, such a holiday of life is especially relevant. Do you agree? Then we are waiting for you to celebrate the 228th anniversary of our city.