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Yachting and sailing
in the Krasnodar region.
Where to look for?
Special attention is paid to yacht tourism and the development of water sports in general in the Kuban, since the climatic conditions, the landscape of the coastline and the water area of the Azov and Black Seas itself are ideal for sailing on motor, sailing and cruise ships.
Every year, more and more schools, clubs and camps appear in the resort centers of the region for professionals and everyone who wants to join and learn sailing. It is not the first year that regattas have been held in Azov, Gelendzhik and Sochi, and the direction itself is justifiably becoming more and more popular among the guests of the Kuban. It is not for nothing that the regional administration has approved a strategy for its development, according to which 23 yacht marinas with a total capacity of 7,000 vessels are planned to be equipped on the coasts of the Black and Azov Seas. But there are already many places in the Kuban where yacht tourism has been flourishing for a long time.
One of such bright directions for sea sports is Gelendzhik and its surroundings.
There are schools of yachting, sailing and yacht clubs here. In the former, you can learn the art of sailing and motorboats all year round. The latter offer to rent boats with an instructor or give them for rent (if the tenant has a corresponding license). It is especially important for those who like to relax in the off-season and who want not only to spend time on vacation in an unusual way, but even to get a non-standard skill.

In addition to the classic skill of controlling a cruising yacht, here you can learn such sports as: controlling a sailing board or a shvertbot (a small sailing kayakless vessel resembling a fishing schooner). Often, schools and clubs teach windsurfing, sapboarding, kayaking and other water sports in addition to the main direction.
Gelendzhik is famous not only for its water area, which is successful in its characteristics for mastering yachting skills, but also represents a city-attraction and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Black Sea coast. And this is not for nothing. A beautiful embankment equipped with bike paths, infrastructure with a variety of restaurants and leisure centers, hotels and sanatoriums of premium level and on a modest budget, cinemas, a safari park, museums and one of the largest water parks in the South of the country. Gelendzhik is a place about a full-fledged summer vacation and off-season hobbies, where it is good and comfortable at any time of the year.

Returning to the topic, we note that in September 2021, a sailing camp will be held on the Gelendzhik coast on Tolstoy Cape. Advanced yachtsmen and beginners will have four days of lectures, briefings, going to sea and real sailing boat races. And the organizers offer participants to live in glamping — a fashionable type of camping with all amenities now.
And for those who want a more contrasting leisure, you can go to the Imereti resort in Sochi, where the mountains meet the sea, and you can combine two completely different activities: sea sports and adventures in the mountains.
Guests of the resort will certainly be pleased with the location of the yacht port. After a refreshing walk with a breeze on the sea in 10 minutes, you can take photos on the beautiful embankment or explore the Olympic Park, admiring the lights of the Fisht stadium and dancing illuminated fountains. In the same Sochi, you can go on a yacht trip from the central port — Sochi Grand Marina (the port is located right in the center of the city). The convenient location of the urban development facility allows you to alternate a variety of leisure activities — walking around the city, amusement parks, visiting the arboretum and other objects of the Sochi National Park, beach holidays and, of course, yachting itself.

In the same port, sailing camps are held on a regular basis and seasonally for several days for those who just want to test their strength in yachting, to understand how this activity meets the needs, and those who have been in sailing for a long time, are burning with this business and are not averse to participating in regattas and races.
You can also take a practical course and learn the yachting craft in the largest port of the country — Novorossiysk.
Here, even beginners who have come on board for the first time master "sailing" and become professionals. In addition, the hero city itself is worth "mooring" here-visit a real cruiser museum, go to the monument on Malaya Zemlya or go to the spit to swim in the open sea.

And you can go outside of Novorossiysk and get on a yachting tour to the lake in Abrau-Durso. A professional instructor goes out on the water surface with tourists, so even a child or a beginner without the skills to control a sea vessel can feel like a captain. Depending on the time available to novice navigators, you can choose full-fledged yachting courses and go on one of the training yacht tours.

This format of training makes it possible to master in practice the techniques of controlling a sailing yacht and understand such techniques as: departure and approach to the pier, working with the sail, ship management. Yachting is practiced on the Abrau Lakes all year round, so this direction is also worth considering as an off-season vacation destination. Moreover, the lake itself and the surrounding area are famous not only for picturesque landscapes, but also for wine excursions and tastings, horse riding, an evening program and comfortable and diverse accommodation facilities.
And if the guests are heading for Anapa and want to join sailing, then you can find yacht marinas in the port of Anapa or go to a large yacht club on the Black Sea, located in Bolshoy Utrish. Here, every weekend, a practical training program is provided for managing a sailing vessel.
If you would like to bring home unforgettable emotions from your vacation in the Krasnodar region, meet fans of extreme sea sports and sailing, get away from worries, relax and master a new beautiful craft, then yachting is what you need. In addition, sailing is not tied to the seasons, which means that you can go to sea at any time of the year and develop your skills throughout the year, and not several months a year.