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Southern Health Resort:
affordable rest in sanatoria
of Krasnodar region
Doctors advise: in order to maintain excellent health, vigor and efficiency for many years, at least once a year you need to visit a good sanatorium. In order to fulfill this recommendation and at the same time not cause great damage to the family budget, we suggest using the Southern Health Resort program. It was created in order to make rest in the sanatoria of Krasnodar region more accessible for everyone.
Savings - up to 45%

The program was developed by the Ministry of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar region, and dozens of sanatoria and boarding houses with treatment participate in it, which provide medical and health services all year round and are ready to make discounts on holidays in the off-season. Moreover, the amount of savings varies from 5 to 45%.

South Health Resort program has been operating for several years. Usually, the program starts in mid-October and ends in May (you can check the exact dates on the website of the Ministry of Resorts). That is, you will need to plan your vacation for fall, winter or spring. Yes, this is not a popular summer, when millions of tourists flock to Krasnodar region. But don't confuse a beach holiday with taking care of your health.

Off-season is time for health

The cool season is the best time to take care of your body. This time is especially favorable for those who have problems with blood pressure and the cardiovascular system, as well as for those suffering from arthrosis and osteochandrosis and allergies.

How great it is to come to Krasnodar region in the off-season from the northern regions of Russia or even from the central zone. Most of the fall, the weather is usually warm, dry. One can get into the season of persimmons and tangerines. Even in winter, the temperature in the resort areas of the region rarely drops below zero, and in many parts of the coast it can be more than +10 degrees. In February-March, the first flowers begin to bloom, and in April the weather can be very warm. How nice it is after a harsh northern winter to return to summer and wander along the deserted beach, breathe in the sea air ... However, let's return to health.

Health technology

Kuban sanatoria offer more than 500 treatment and recovery programs, many of which are unique and cover almost the entire spectrum of diseases known to modern medicine. The program includes procedures in various areas - the musculoskeletal system, gynecology, cardiovascular system, digestive organs, etc.

The sanatoria develop and use the most modern technologies and equipment. Almost every health resort has a powerful diagnostic center that allows you to establish the correct diagnosis at the earliest stages, to monitor the course of treatment with pinpoint accuracy. New methods of treatment, such as ozone therapy, mesotherapy, laser therapy, speleotherapy and others, are constantly emerging and applied.

South Health Resort program includes complex health tours designed for different durations: from 2-3 and 7 days to two- and three-week medical tours:

• 2-3-day tours (wellness and spa tours for newlyweds) are of a general health nature with an emphasis on spa care and offer tourists who, due to lack of free time or limited financial resources, cannot afford long-term treatment, the opportunity in the shortest possible terms to improve health;

• weekly tours include a complex of wellness procedures for highly effective rest and recovery;

• two- and three-week vouchers include a greater number of medical procedures, depending on the type of disease.

Details about the South Health Resort program can be found by calling the hotline of the Ministry of Resorts of Krasnodar region 8-800-200-60-90, as well as on the official website of the Ministry.