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Life after the coronavirus:
where to undergo post-covid rehabilitation in Kuban
Coronavirus is a terrible and not fully understood infection that the world faced a year and a half ago, and the virus came to Russia in March last year, at the same time countries began to close their borders, fearing the import of infection. Doctors picked up medicines and learned to fight a new enemy. Patients who were able to defeat the infection, even after months, continue to feel the effects of the disease. This is especially true for those people who have suffered from coronavirus hard – in intensive care or even on a ventilation.
Sanatoriums of the Krasnodar region had medical programs for patients with cardiovascular diseases and respiratory disorders before this virus.
As soon as the borders of Kuban were opened after the quarantine, the sanatorium-resort complex of the region began to accept patients who had suffered from the coronavirus. Now, perhaps, there is no sanatorium in the region that does not have such programs. Guests come from all over the country. And if at first they went with caution or distrust, now it is difficult to find a free place for the necessary dates in sanatoriums. Some come again, noting positive improvements in health after a course of rehabilitation.

According to doctors, post-covid patients mainly complain of shortness of breath, pressure, weakness and decreased performance, circulatory and digestive disorders, lack of oxygen, joint pain. Those who have previously had chronic diseases suffer the most. It is no secret that the coronavirus hits the patient, that is, the work of those body systems that were already under threat worsens. Therefore, additional support is needed after the disease, which should be not only medical. Various procedures in sanatoriums, such as inhalations, massages, iodine-bromine baths, salt room, physical therapy, lymphatic drainage wrap, swimming, vitamin teas and dietary nutrition, ozone water intake, physiotherapy, and so on, help the body to finally defeat the infection and expel it from every cell of the body.

If you choose rehabilitation on the seashore, then a visit to the beach will be added to the medical procedures. Seaside air is not just indicated, but is highly recommended for all patients who have suffered a coronavirus infection. The affected lungs need serious support, which is provided by the saturated air of the Black Sea and the Azov coast of the Kuban, and in the mountains, as part of the post-covid recovery, guests are prescribed a mandatory stay in aerariums, which also serve as good healers.
In the Krasnodar region, there is even a tour operator that deals directly with post-covid programs, that is, it offers tourists a package tour specifically for the purpose of restoring health after an illness.

Similar rehabilitation programs are available in the sanatorium-resort complexes of the Black Sea and the Azov coast, foothill and mountain areas, even in Krasnodar itself, the city water treatment center offers special programs. People who have suffered a serious illness can contact a therapist at their place of residence and get a referral to one of the health resorts in Kuban.

In addition, you can go to the wellness center on your own. The range of health resorts is extensive. To date, there are more than fifty of them. In each case, the rehabilitation program is designed for a period of a week to three weeks, but, according to doctors, 21 days is the optimal time for such treatment. You can choose the program according to your wishes and capabilities. It can be a resort with standard rooms and a custom menu, or it can be a resort complex with a buffet and Luxury rooms. In any case, the treatment will be on top. This is being monitored very carefully in the region. And the reviews of grateful tourists confirm this. And not just reviews.