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Franchise Exhibition "Franch Region 2021"

Выставка франшиз «Franch Region 2021»
Выставка франшиз «Franch Region 2021»
Exhibition-conference "Franchising to the Regions", a single network event held in different cities of Russia and the CIS throughout the year. The main objective of the exhibition is to promote Russian brands and develop entrepreneurship at the regional level.

Among the permanent exhibitors there are more than 20 companies offering franchises in the field of sales of consumer goods, clothing and footwear, food products and low alcohol drinks. Enterprises specializing in the production of healthy lifestyle products. Organizations operating in the field of logistics, transport, architectural and construction and information services. The list of companies offering business franchises is constantly being transformed taking into account the needs of the regional market.
The exhibition will include master classes, expert reports and legal advice.

Event website: https://franch-region.ru/vystavkifranshiz/vystavka-franshiz-sochi/

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