Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy notifies users of the website about personal data collected as a result of their use of such a website on the Internet.

Personal data is information about the users of the website (full name, date of birth, number, email address, etc.), which allows you to identify a specific user.

The document may be used by legal entities and / or individuals in whose name certain domain names are registered (hereinafter referred to as the "Copyright Holder").

The purpose of this document is also to inform users of (1) the type/type of personal information collected; and (2) the methods and methods of collecting personal information; and (3) the purposes for which personal information is collected; and (4) the retention periods of such personal information, as well as the rights of users; and (5) the list of persons who can access the personal information transmitted.

this privacy policy is intended solely to inform users about the (possible) collection of their personal data. This document should not be confused with the Terms of Use for a website, which in turn defines a set of rules that the user must adhere to while using a particular site (for example, the prohibition of fraud, copyright on content, the procedure for returning goods, etc.). In addition, if it is necessary to develop the collection and processing of personal data by mobile application users, in this case, you must use separate privacy Policies for mobile apps.

The document template includes the following structural elements, in particular:

(1) general provisions (what relations are covered by the Privacy Policy, what rights of users in the field of protection of their personal data, etc.); and

(2) what personal data of users is collected automatically by the website (for example, through installed cookies); and

(3) what personal data the user provides to the website independently (for example, full name, email address, phone number); and

(4) which person is responsible for the storage of personal data and the duration of such storage, as well as whether there is a cross-border transfer of personal data; and

(5) whether third parties have access to users ' personal data; and

(6) whether the Copyright Holder uses remarketing or analytical platforms for the website; and

(7) how users can submit a request, complaint or complaint regarding the processing and protection of their personal data; and

(8) how underage users are granted access to the content of the website; and

(9) what is the order of placement and distribution of advertising (marketing) content and much more.

please note that in addition to the privacy policy and user agreement, most website developers place a so-called privacy policy for cookies.

Availability of the website for users from the EU/within the EU

If the website is available in the EU and/or for users from the EU, in this case, the European legislation on the protection of personal data, namely the General Data Protection Regulation or GDRP, will necessarily apply to the procedure for the protection of personal data.

In this case, the Copyright Holder will need to take care of the following tasks without fail:

(1) hire a separate employee who will be responsible for compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data (it is necessary only if the Copyright Holder is a state (municipal) body or regularly processes huge amounts of personal data of users or monitors the behavior of users on the network); and

(2) appoint an official representative of the copyright holder in the eu, to whom users/public authorities from the eu can contact on issues of personal data protection. the functions of such an official representative may be performed by separately designated individuals/legal entities or, if the copyright holder has a representative office in the eu, such official representative offices.

(3) it is mandatory to require consent to the processing of personal data of eu users under the age of 16 from their legal representatives.

Failure to comply with these and other rules provided for in the GDRP entails the imposition of huge fines on the Copyright Holder by the EU's authorized bodies for the protection of personal data.

How to use the document

As a general rule, the Privacy Policy must be published directly on the website itself. Each user should have the right to read its text.

This Privacy Policy applies to all types and categories of websites.

Privacy Policy - a document that cannot be changed and / or supplemented at the initiative of users. If the user does not agree with certain provisions of the Privacy Policy, he must immediately stop using the website.

the document enters into legal force from the moment of its publication/placement on the website, unless a different period is specified directly in the text of the privacy policy itself. Please note that if the ownership rights to the website belong to a company (i.e. a legal entity), this Privacy Policy must be additionally approved by the order of the head before it is directly published on the website itself.

Applicable law

The privacy policy for the website is developed in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law "On Personal Data", the Federal Law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in terms of clarifying the procedure for processing personal data in information and telecommunications Networks", as well as the rules of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection of April 27, 2016 (GDRP), as well as with the established practice of preparing documents of this type.