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Agrifarm "Fanagoria"

Винодельня «Фанагория»

"Fanagoria" is located in the western part of the Temryuk region of Krasnodar  - in the historical wine-making region of Taman, where in the VI century BC. e. on one of the islands the ancient Greeks founded a city named after their leader, the brave warrior Phanagoras.

In the IV-II centuries BC Phanagoria was rightfully considered the economic center of the Bosporus Kingdom- at that time the largest state formation in the Northern Black Sea region. Even then, the inhabitants of Phanagoria were engaged in winemaking, as evidenced by the finds of grape seeds, measuring vessels, wine amphorae, as well as images of grapes on local coins.

The rebirth of Kuban winemaking falls on the last third of the 19th century. Classic grape varieties were brought from France: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cleret. The specially created Temryuk department for viticulture and winemaking introduced systematicity into the development of the industry. Not without his participation, by the beginning of the 20th century, the Kuban turned into a grape region of the Russian Empire - by the beginning of the First World War, up to 1 million poods of grapes were harvested here annually. Alas, until the middle of the last century, winemaking on Taman was not given due attention, so the establishment in 1957 in the village of Senny winery (the future "Fanagoria") was an important stage in the revival of the glorious history of Kuban wines.

Today "Fanagoria" is one of the largest wineries in Russia. Own vineyards cover an area of ​​over 2,800 hectares and are a guarantee of the quality of the products. The enterprise carries out a full cycle of winemaking - from the production of seedlings to the processing of grapes, the education of wine and the distribution system.

At Fanagoria, excursions are held with a visit to the tasting room, museum and pottery workshop, where souvenir copies of ancient Greek amphorae for balsam are made.

Винодельня «Фанагория»

Agrifarm "Fanagoria"

Krasnodar region, Temryuk district, Sennoy village, Mira street, 49

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