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Water Park "Mountain Beach"

Аквапарк «Mountain Beach»

The Mountain Beach Water Park (beach in the mountains) allows you to make an instant voyage in the hot summer. The snow-covered tops of the mountains are reflected above the transparent dome, and in the Aquapark it is always +30!

The water park is located on the upper level of the Gorki Mall shopping center. All conditions are created there for a high-quality good rest with the whole family:

sandy beach surrounded by mountain peaks;

non-stop animation of guests, entertainment programs, sports tournaments, contests;

beach volleyball, badminton;


swimming pools;

wellness jacuzzi with sea salt;

Finnish saunas;

beach restaurant;


salt cave;

massages and exotic spa treatments.

A special feature of the water park is the glass roof. Thanks to the greenhouse effect and heating of the artificial beach, the water park maintains a unique microclimate, and it seems that you are really somewhere on the shore of a sunny resort.

For visitors, entertaining shows are regularly arranged, contests and sports competitions are held. Parties and concerts in the evening. The wellness center offers a variety of massage treatments, from classic massage to vacuum massage.

Parents, including just visitors to the shopping center, can leave the child in the kids club of the water park, where a kind nanny will look after him. Educators conduct creative master classes (modeling, drawing, origami, etc.), dance lessons, active games. Of course, it was not without a mountain of toys and cartoons.

Mountain Beach Water Park is open all year round and daily. Birthdays are entitled to free admission to the water park.

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