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Anapa Archaeological Museum-Reserve "The Ancient Town of Gorgippia"

Анапский археологический музей-заповедник «Античный город Горгиппия»

Archaeological Reserve "The Ancient Town of Gorgippia" is a unique monument of ancient Greek civilization in southern Russia. 

Only here you can see the investigated residential quarters of the ancient town, which existed on the banks of the Anapa Bay for more than 800 years - in the VI century BC - III century AD, its streets and roads, drains and wells, winery complexes and fortifications. 

Exhibitions of ancient masters' products and masterpieces of architecture, sculptures of toreutics, vases, glassmaking will allow you to touch the fundamental foundations of the world's culture.

In the Gorgippia Museum, visitors are greeted by the goddess of fate Tiche, whose power is to fulfill or not fulfill the cherished desires of every mortal.

The unique frescoes depicting the deeds of Hercules that adorned the walls of the crypt of the 2nd – 3rd centuries AD are exhibited here. 

The memorial complex of E.Yu. Kuzmina-Karavaeva (Pilenko), mother-nun Mary, is located in the museum. A new hall “Anapa - the city of Military Glory” is opened in the local history department. Documents about the valor of our soldiers both in the Russian-Turkish wars and during the Great Patriotic War are presented here.

The exposition "Nature of Anapa District" tells about the rich and diverse nature of the Anapa territory, the healing factors of the resort.

Archaeological finds of the Middle Ages and Turkish times, household items of the inhabitants of the fortress, samples of weapons from different eras, rare photographs, unique documents will introduce the past and present of the city.

Анапский археологический музей-заповедник «Античный город Горгиппия»

Anapa Archaeological Museum-Reserve "The Ancient Town of Gorgippia"

4 Naberezhnaya str.

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