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Ensemble "Line of Defense"

Ансамбль «Линия обороны»

In the summer of 1942, fierce battles with the German fascist invaders unfolded in Kuban. The 17th German army was rushing to the Black Sea coast. The soldiers of the Novorossiysk defensive region stood in the way of the enemy. The enemy was stopped at the walls of the October cement plant. Having occupied a significant part of the city, the Nazis were unable to advance further along the Sukhum highway. From September 1942 to September 1943, the front line passed through the city.

In honor of this event, over the Sukhum highway, on powerful granite supports, a massive forty-meter beam-stele lined with copper was installed. It symbolizes the battle line.

From the side of the entrance to Novorossiysk from Gelendzhik, the structure is perceived as a kind of triumphal gate. The chased relief depicts the city's defense line, the Golden Star medal, the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Patriotic War, 1st degree, which were awarded to the hero-city Novorossiysk.

On the other side, from where the fascist invaders came during the Patriotic War, the horizontal beam is perceived as a massive barrier that blocked the enemy's path. The powerful arms of the city's defenders, tightly gripping machine guns, are advanced as a clear symbol of fortitude. The names of units and formations that participated in defensive battles are carved on the granite support.

The composition of the memorial organically includes the iron skeleton of a freight car, riddled with thousands of fragments from shells - a mute witness of fierce battles. A monument-carriage was erected on a pedestal on June 7, 1947.

The ensemble was created in 1978 by the sculptor V. Tsigal, architects Y. Belopolsky, R. Kananin and V. Khavin.

Ансамбль «Линия обороны»

Ensemble "Line of Defense"

Krasnodar region, Novorossiysk

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