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Library named after N.A. Nekrasov

Библиотека имени Н.А. Некрасова

In the list of libraries for 1923, the library named after A. Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov. Then 2 librarians worked in it, and the book fund totaled 4268 copies of books.

Nekrasov's Library creation played a positive role in the cultural development of the city of Krasnodar. The library staff took an active part in eliminating the illiteracy of the population, taught how to work with the book, helped to create mobile libraries.

In 1936, according to the archive, the library was overhauled, 50 chairs were purchased. In 1939, the library fund was 12 147 copies of books. By the end of the 30s, the library had a subscription, a reading room, a mobile fund, a methodologist, an accountant (then he was called an accountant).

Work did not stop during the Great Patriotic War. The order for the library dated June 25, 1941 stated that Nekrasovka would work in two shifts from 9:00 to 22:00. Librarians took an active part in the defense of Krasnodar. In those harsh years, the team was led by V.I. Blinov, and later N.I. Denisenko.

Immediately after the war, one of the memorable pages in the life of the library was its move to a new building at 87 Krasnaya Street, in which it is still located. Despite the difficult post-war years, the number of readers, the issuance of literature, constantly increased.

During this difficult period for the library, from October 1947 to July 1975, the team was headed by the participant of the Great Patriotic War Lina Ivanovna Tsemko. Lina Ivanovna devoted a total of 28 years to her beloved work. Library named after Nekrasov was one of the best in the city and region.

From July 1975 to March 1980, the baton of glorious deeds was continued by an energetic leader, a worthy follower of the traditions of librarianship, Valentina Iosifovna Kharina. Her contribution to the development of the library is invaluable.

In 1979, in the regional center, the state public libraries were united into a single system and the library named after Nekrasov becomes the Central Library of the Centralized Library System of the city of Krasnodar. A new page has opened in its history. In this regard, a structural reorganization was carried out: new departments appeared, the staff increased. The library was entrusted with the functions of a methodological center for municipal libraries of the city of Krasnodar.

At the origins of centralization was the true professional of librarianship, Khailo Valentina Alekseevna - director of the Centralized Library System from March 1980 to August 1989.

Since 1989, the Centralized Library System of the city of Krasnodar has been headed by Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation Elena Aleksandrovna Miroshnichenko. Under her leadership, "Nekrasovka" switches to a program-targeted method of planning activities, becomes an information, educational, cultural and leisure center of the city.

A feature of the development of the library in recent years has been the active introduction of modern information and communication technologies in library services, the search for new forms and methods of work.

The material and technical base has been updated in the library, all departments are equipped with modern computer equipment, automated workstations for users are equipped.

The main departments serving readers are: Reader Registration Department, Subscription, Reading Room, Public Center for Right Information, Electronic Reading Room, Art Literature and Audiovisual Materials Department, Reference Information Service and Electronic Document Delivery Department, Exchange Reserve Fund Department.

The universal fund of the library is about 162.7 thousand copies in various media. The reference and bibliographic apparatus includes card and electronic catalogs and card indexes with a convenient and fast search system. Information resources of "Nekrasovka" are presented on the Internet on the official website of the Central City Library of Krasnodar.

Annually the Central City Library named after Nekrasov serves over 15 thousand readers. Conducts advertising campaigns and PR campaigns, maintains communication with the public of the city, participates in regional and city competitions, conducts presentations of new publications, information days, thematic events, and arranges topical book exhibitions.

The library's transformation into a center of spiritual communication is facilitated by interest clubs: Literary Continent, I Serve the Fatherland, Poetry of the Awakened River, Sail of Hope, the Cinematograph - 8th Wonder of the World Cinema Club, and the Inspiration Poetry Studio. The literary drawing room "New Book" and the new club "Meetings in Nekrasovka" are popular among Krasnodar residents.

On the basis of the library, the folk amateur collective of the chamber ensemble of early music "Renaissance" gives concerts. Harpsichord, wooden flutes, lutes and guitars sound within the walls of the library.

Библиотека имени Н.А. Некрасова

Library named after N.A. Nekrasov

Krasnodar region, Krasnodar, st. Krasnaya, 87

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