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Bogatyr caves

Богатырские пещеры

Not far from the left bank of the Psekups River, flowing through the outskirts of the resort town of Goryachy Klyuch, in the Valley of Enchantment, just to the right of the road that leads to the Fanagoriyskaya village, there are two small caves. They are located inside the rock, which was formed millions of years ago from compressed sandstone.

The oval entrance of the left cave is quite high - about a meter. However, the cave on the right is even larger. Historians and archaeologists still do not know when they appeared and how. It is assumed that these Bogatyr caves could serve as sites for primitive people.

There is another version of the appearance of these caves: some historians believe that the caves were dug by the locals themselves in the 18th century. There was a custom in Adygea: people sentenced to death were given the opportunity to escape and hide after the announcement of the sentence. After that, they had no right to return to their native village. So, historians believe that it was in order to have a way to retreat that the ancient Adygei dug caves.

Another opinion that exists among historians studying the culture and customs of these places is that the caves in ancient times served as crypts - noble people could be buried here.

But these versions can be at least something justified. However, there is another legend. Oddly enough, it is perceived as the main version of the appearance of these caves. As they say in local folklore, once upon a time there lived glorious heroes, good defenders, patrons of all the offended and disadvantaged. Telling this legend, locals explain such a high height of the entrances to the caves, and the name itself.

The following hypothesis is not so widespread, nevertheless it exists. This assumption is also based on the explanation of the unprecedented height of the entrance - allegedly, even before the birth of our civilization, the Lemurians lived in these places. These are giants with an average height of about six meters. They are credited with the construction of dolmens, including the Psekups dolmens, as well as the appearance of the Bogatyr caves.

Not a single scientist will be able to say unequivocally how and when the Bogatyr Caves appeared. However, this does not make this place less attractive for tourists, on the contrary - mystery and mystery accompany travelers who walk inside the caves.

And there really is something to see here. The first cave consists of numerous branched corridors - the longest of them is about six meters. Each corridor ends with a closet - a small room. But in the second cave there are only two rooms. And surprisingly, one of these rooms has a window, and even more strange - a hole in the ceiling. And from this hole, which, perhaps, served as an exit for someone, there are steps carved into the rock. The trail leading from the Bogatyr Caves will lead tourists to Lysaya Mountain. Thus, climbing it can be a good end to an excursion to the Bogatyr Caves.

Богатырские пещеры

Bogatyr caves

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