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Great Azish cave

Большая Азишская пещера

The Great Azish Cave is located on the territory of the Mezmay rural settlement, 4 km north-east of the Lagonaki tourist center at an altitude of 1525 meters above sea level. On all sides the cave is surrounded by a fir-beech forest. The Great Azish Cave is a karst cavity 690 m long and up to 37 m deep. There are various drip formations in the cave: columns, stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates, drip crusts. The cave was formed as a result of the continuous flow of water in the cracks for 2 millennia, and from this, underground corridors and spacious galleries were formed from the cracks. The age of the Great Azish Cave is about two million years.

The cave is equipped with steps, railings and viewing platforms. Stationary electric lighting has been installed along the excursion route. The length of the excursion route is 220 m. The entrance to the Great Azish Cave is located at an altitude of 1520 m above sea level, it is equipped with a covered canopy and is a vertical well 10 meters deep. Going downstairs, the first small hall of the cave opens - Kunatskaya Mazytkhi, or Hall-living room Mazytkhi. After 40-50 m of walking downstairs along the steep descent of the first gallery, the second, largest hall of the cave opens - Bogatyrsky, up to 20 meters high. An underground river flows along the bottom of the hall, which received its name Lozovushka in honor of the teacher, associate professor of the State Kuban University S.P. Lozovoy. Its width in some places reaches 2 m. The average water temperature is about +5 degrees. The river is fed by a karst source in the upper reaches of the lower gallery. Along the way, the river is additionally fed by atmospheric precipitation seeping into the cavities through rocks, as well as due to condensation on the vaults and walls of the cave. The third hall of the cave is Koronny. This is the lowest level of the cave. The hall has a spherical shape. The vault of the hall is lined with monolithic dolomite. The next hall is called the Hall of Fantasy. The largest accumulation of an unusual form of drip formations is observed here. Between the fourth and fifth (Venchalny) halls, powerful stalactite columns were formed. The age of these columns is about 1 million 300 thousand years. Here, as in the fourth hall, there is an abundance of drip formations.

The air temperature in the cave barely changes and remains at a level of plus 4-6 degrees. The relative air humidity in the neutral zone is practically constant and close to 100%.

In the Great Azish Cave, you can find typical representatives of cave life, primarily bats. During the day they hide in dark crevices, and at night they fly to the surface.

Большая Азишская пещера

Great Azish cave

Krasnodar region, Apsheronsk district, 26th km of the Dakhovskaya-Lagonaki highway

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