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Pitsunda pine forest

Бор пицундской сосны

The Pitsunda pine forest, located right above Divnomorsk, fills the air of the city with thick aroma of pine needles and has a beneficial effect on the human body.

The Pitsunda pine is one of the most ancient inhabitants of the Caucasus Mountains, its fossil remains, discovered by geologists, date back to the Cenozoic era - that is, those trees could have caught dinosaurs! On the territory of Russia there grows on no more than 1100 hectares of Pitsunda pines, of which 90% of the areas are located near the village of Divnomorskoye. The Pitsunda pine is listed in the Red Book, but, unfortunately, is on the verge of destruction.

Ancient mountain tribes made legends about the healing properties of this amazing tree - and today it is scientifically proven that many of them are true. Fragrant essential oils and special volatile substances - phytoncides, secreted by the Pitsunda pine, kill many pathogenic microbes, for example, tuberculosis pathogens, and also help in the treatment of lung diseases.

The famous Pitsunda pine forest is one of the most beautiful sights of Divnomorskoye. The forest stretches for many kilometers along the slopes of the coastal mountains of the resort towards Praskoveevskaya Cleft. Here you will find not only relict pine, but also other equally rare plants. For example, juniper, gaiter, fustic, rowan (Sorbus torminalis).

But no one can compete with the queen of these places in beauty. Tall, straight trunks soar proudly to heaven, warm bark is covered with amber drops of resin, and spreading branches reliably protect from the heat of the day. And in what bizarre poses the Pitsunda pines freeze on the edges of the slopes, with what vitality they pull their branches towards the sun!

The intoxicating thick aroma of pine needles, mixed with a fresh salty sea breeze, is stupefying, and one wants to look at the magnificent landscapes opening from the coastal cliffs forever. One of the beautiful deserted beaches for which recreation in Divnomorskoye is so famous is located at the foot of the coastal slope, right under the Pitsunda pine forest. The descent to the beach is quite steep, but those who ventured along the picturesque path to go down will be fully rewarded with the purest sea water and a stunning view of the Black Sea coast.

The pine forest of Pitsunda pines attracts not only connoisseurs of Caucasus nature, but also scientists from all over the world to rest in Divnomorskoye, because this attraction of Divnomorskoye is the key to many secrets of history and medicine.

Бор пицундской сосны

Pitsunda pine forest

Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik, between the village of Divnomorskoye and the village of Dzhankhot

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