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Botanical Garden named after I.S. Kosenko

Ботанический сад имени И.С. Косенко

Botanical Garden named after I.S. Kosenko is a great place to walk. There are shady alleys, benches for rest, magnificent flower beds, bicycle paths.

The history of the park begins in the distant 1959, when the biologist and professor Ivan Kosenko made the first plantings in this place, and thus the introduction nursery was laid. For a long time, the arboretum belonged to the Kuban State Agrarian University (at that time - the Agricultural Institute) and was a research platform for students.

In 2007, the Agricultural University Experimental Forestry became a public place. It was reconstructed: paths were broken and paved with tiles, benches were installed, a new openwork fence was made, parking lots for vehicles, lighting was installed. The arboretum turned into a unique city park and received a new name - the Botanical Garden - and became, perhaps, the most colorful recreation place in Krasnodar.

Here are collected about 1200 species of trees and shrubs, about 90 species of flowering plants. In the park, you can see the famous paper mulberry or paper brussonetia growing in East and Southeast Asia. There is an open-air cage with peacocks and pheasants. In the garden itself, tame squirrels run about, and owls live in the pines. There is an artificial pond in the park, the decoration of which is the nut-bearing lotus. Huge bright pink flowers can be admired for hours.

The arboretum is beautiful at any time of the year. Early spring comes with flowering willows, birches, poplars. In May, a unique collection of wild species and varieties of lilacs takes over. All summer long the rose garden burns with bright colors. Japanese budlei and David budlei, large-flowered Abelia see the summer off with their last flowers. In September-October, the berry yew stands out for its high decorativeness and beautiful form of growth. In winter, evergreen conifers are especially attractive in the arboretum: cypress, western thuja, giant thuja from the Pacific shores of North America, pseudo-tisuga from North America, Nordman's fir - an extremely graceful plant with dark green shiny needles.

In 2009, the Botanical Garden celebrated its 50th anniversary. On the initiative of the dean of the Faculty of Agronomy A.I. Radionov for the memorable date the park was named after its founder, and a monument to Ivan Kosenko was erected.

Ботанический сад имени И.С. Косенко

Botanical Garden named after I.S. Kosenko

Krasnodar region, Krasnodar, corner of Bauman and Krasnykh partizan Streets

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