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Bryukhovetsky Museum of Local History

Брюховецкий историко-краеведческий музей

The Bryukhovetsky Museum of Local History was founded on March 1, 1974. The museum building is the former house of the merchant I.V. Ignatova. At different times there were located: revolutionary commettee, culture center, children's library. The building is included in the regional register of historical and architectural monuments. In the museum's courtyard there grows a plane tree, which was planted in 1912.

The exhibition activities of the museum are represented by a permanent exhibition, divided into thematic rooms. In the "Hall of Nature" there are showcases with stuffed birds and animals of the Bryukhovetsky district, as well as a diorama of overflow lands with river inhabitants. The “Relocation Hall” shows a diorama of the first street of the Bryukhovetsky kuren and the mound, which was located in the central park of the village, and was called “Fatty”. In the “Cossack's Hut” there are genuine Cossacks household items of different times: this is a Russian stove, and a chest of drawers, which is more than 200 years old, and a functioning loom. Nearby is a blacksmith's shop with an anvil, blacksmith furs and blacksmith products. In the “Hall of Military Glory” there is another diorama with a slightly reduced copy of the dugout of the Great Patriotic War times, weapons and ammunition are displayed in the showcases, as well as plaster busts of seven heroes of the Soviet Union, natives of the Bryukhovetsky district.

The museum funds contain more than 11 thousand exhibits. The museum annually hosts 3-4 exhibitions based on museum items stored in its own fund. The staff of the regional museum continues to collect materials about the Cossacks of the village of Bryukhovetskaya, who in 1918 since February to August saved the regalia of the Kuban Cossack army for the descendants.

Брюховецкий историко-краеведческий музей

Bryukhovetsky Museum of Local History

9 Lenina str.

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