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Bust of Academician V.S. Pustovoyt

Бюст академика В.С. Пустовойта

The bronze bust of Academician Vasily Stepanovich Pustovoit is located on the territory of the research institute of the same name. The sculpture was installed in 1975 as a tribute to the memory and respect of the academician, the great Kuban scientist and breeder V.S. Pustovoit.

Vasily Stepanovich was born at the end of the 19th century in the Kharkov province in a simple peasant family. From early childhood, he fully learned the hard work of a farmer, and after graduating from an agricultural school in 1907, he came to Kuban as an agronomist. The entire further creative life of the scientist took place in Krasnodar region, it was here that he made scientific discoveries of world significance. Vasily Stepanovich paid special attention to region, he developed many new varieties of this plant, therefore the scientist is often called the "father of sunflower". For his work, Pustovoit was twice awarded the high title of Hero of Socialist Labor, and the Council of Ministers established a gold medal in his name. It is awarded by the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences once every three years for outstanding scientific work and discoveries in the field of crop breeding.

After the death of Vasily Stepanovich in 1972, it was decided to immortalize his name by creating a monument, while the question of who would be the author of this structure did not arise. The fact is that Vasily Stepanovich Pustovoit was friends with the best Kuban sculptor Ivan Petrovich Shmagun. Even during the life of the scientist, Shmagun made sketches of the future monument, although the modest Vasily Stepanovich was not delighted with this idea. Only after the death of Pustovoit, Shmagun completed work on the bust of the scientist. The architect E.G. Lashuk.

Unfortunately, the bust of V.S. Pustovoyt is not the most popular attraction in Krasnodar, although the monument is directly related to the history of both the city itself and the entire Kuban as a whole.

Бюст академика В.С. Пустовойта

Bust of Academician V.S. Pustovoyt

Krasnodar region, Krasnodar, Filatov street, 17

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