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Children camp "Akademiya Liderstva"

Детский лагерь «Академия Лидерства»

The children's camp "Akademiya Liderstva" is a place where children reveal their talents. Children's leisure is filled with master classes, communication, games, sports, creativity, rehearsals, and it ends with a large-scale event in the evening where the children are the main characters.  The creative staff of the camp creates a real show together with the children. Children play in performances, fight on safe swords in a chanbar, ride on segways and electro skates, engage with a professional artist and build real art objects.

The staff of the children's camp "Akademiya Liderstva" is the most diverse: in addition to counselors, there are stage directors, DJs, choreographers, photographers, decorators and instructors of various directions (reenactors of the Middle Ages, pottery, vogue, hip-hop, acting).

Counselors prepare for work throughout the year: undergo trainings, study child psychology, because counselors spend time with children almost around the clock. 

In the camp children stay in comfortable, safe and cozy buildings. On the camp territory there are football field, volleyball court, stage, dining room, two first-aid posts. The most pleasant thing at summer is the purest sea, which is a stone's throw away. Thanks to this, all the children's rooms have an incredible view from the window. 

Детский лагерь «Академия Лидерства»

Children camp "Akademiya Liderstva"

9 km to the south-west from Novorossiysk, Shirokaya Balka village, Krasnodar region

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