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Children camp "Albatros"

Детский лагерь «Альбатрос»

There are about 720 children aged 6 to 14 years having their rest in the children's camp "Albatros" at summer. 3 summer shifts of 26 days each are organized in the camp.

The territory of the health resort has a bright, well-maintained dining room, offering five meals a day with lots of fruits and juices. 

Children live in two-story buildings, in rooms of 4 people. On each floor there are bathrooms and large games rooms with TV sets. For young children there are a playground with a children's town, a sandbox and an inflatable trampoline. 

First medical aid is provided by the qualified medical personnel in an equipped medical center. Children swim under the close supervision of a trainer, rescuers, camp leaders and a medic. The beach is equipped with rescue equipment, a boat, and the bathing area is surrounded by buoys.

Distance from the beach - 5 meters.

The type of beach - pebble. 

Seasonality - seasonal. 

Sports ground - available.

Детский лагерь «Альбатрос»

Children camp "Albatros"

93 Revolyutsionnaya str., Kabardinka village, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region

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