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Children's camp "Mechta"

Детский лагерь «Мечта»

The park zone of the children's camp "Mechta" has been landscaped, the territory is decorated with evergreen plantations and shrubs, flower beds and century-old trees. The camp accepts children from 7 to 15 years old. Summer shifts follow a strict schedule of arrivals, the duration of a shift is 21 days. Children are divided into groups of up to 30 people in accordance with age. Each detachment has a teacher and counselor. The staff for educational work includes counselors, educators, physical education instructors, floating instructors, methodologists, psychologists, circle experts, DJs and others. Rooms are equipped with wooden beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, tables and chairs. Rooms with balconies, light and well ventilated, ceiling height in rooms 3.5 meters. The bathrooms have new plumbing. There are water coolers in the building. There is an assembly hall with modern sound and video equipment for 200 seats. Sanatorium treatment is provided according to indications. The complex of health-improving procedures includes physiotherapy, inhalations, exercise therapy, speleocamera, massage, climatotherapy, thalassotherapy, heliotherapy, diet therapy, herbal medicine, balneotherapy, electro-light therapy, aerosol therapy.

The number of beds is 450.

Distance from the beach - 100 meters.

Beach type - pebble.

Seasonality - year-round.

Sports ground - available.

Training in the autumn-winter period - available.

Детский лагерь «Мечта»

Children's camp "Mechta"

Krasnodar region, Tuapse district, Dzhubga village, Novorossiysk highway, 10 G

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