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Children camp "Iskra"

Детский лагерь «Искра»

The children's sanatorium and health camp "Iskra" is located on the Black Sea coast in the forest zone of the resort village of Yuzhnaya Ozereyka of Novorossiysk city in a bay sheltered from the winds. The territory of the camp is well landscaped, there are a lot of flowers everywhere, the paths and the territory adjacent to the buildings are paved with tiles. Arbors, benches, awnings, swings are installed throughout the camp. Video surveillance cameras are installed round the territory. The camp is guarded year-round.

On the territory there are sleeping quarters, a dining room, medical rooms and premises for sanitary purposes, a theater, a buffet. Each building has equipped areas for detachments. There are equipped venues for holding events: football, volleyball, basketball and dancing.

The entrance to the sea in the camp is pebble, regularly cleaned to create a flat and smoothly deepening relief. The surface of the water for bathing children is indicated by bright buoys. 

The camp's medical complex is provided with all necessary rooms and facilities, equipment and tools. Qualified medical staff works in the complex.

Children are hospitalized in hospitals, If necessary. Medical and preventive, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemiological measures are carried out here.

Taking into account the wishes of children, there work hobby groups: fine art, crafts made of stone and shells, soft toys, crochet and knitting. Board games and toys are provided for children appropriate for their age and gender. Classes on the general physical preparation of children are held. Children visit museums and memorial sites of Novorossiysk, all kinds of games, competitions and concerts are held, the festival of Neptune, the days of the birthday, karaoke, discos. Football, basketball, volleyball and table tennis competitions are very popular in "Iskra". Children are presented with letters of appreciation and prizes at the final concert.

Детский лагерь «Искра»

Children camp "Iskra"

32 Pribrezhnaya str., Yuzhnaya Ozereyka village, Novorossiysk, Krasnodar region

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