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Children's boarding house "Zelenaya Gorka"

Детский пансионат «Зеленая горка»

On the territory of the children's boarding house "Zelenaya Gorka" there are two residential buildings, equipped with sports grounds, an outdoor cinema, a dance floor, a tennis court, a football field, basketball and volleyball courts. The camp organizes the provision of sanatorium and resort assistance in dietetics, pediatrics, psychotherapy, therapy, physiotherapy.

Number of beds - 554.

Distance from the beach - 400 meters.

Beach type - equipped.

The pool is not available.

Seasonality - year-round.

Sports ground - available.

Training in the autumn-winter period - not available.

Детский пансионат «Зеленая горка»

Children's boarding house "Zelenaya Gorka"

280a Lenina str., Adlerskiy district, Sochi, Krsanodar region

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