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Valley of Lotuses

Долина лотосов

The Valley of Lotuses offers a unique opportunity to see rare lotus flowers blooming. 

The ancient Egyptians used lotus flowers both in the setting of celebratory and temple ceremonies, and for more prosaic purposes. Interiors and exteriors of religious buildings were decorated with wreaths of lotuses, servants at the feasts carried it to guests along with sweets.

In the Akhtanizovsky firth, located on the territory of Temryuksky district, lotuses were planted artificially. In warm, fresh shallow water  water, lotuses found a fertile environment for growth and blossoming. By now the Lotus Valley is one of the local attractions that locals are proud of.

An ancient belief says that one should whisper the name of a beloved when looking at a blooming lotus, and then he or she will be side by side for lifetime. 

To get to the Lotus Valley, you need to drive 10 kilometers along the man-made Kazachiy Erik river in a shallow boat. The waterway along the river is very interesting. Boats float in a green tunnel, the sun almost does not bother tourists, hiding behind the tops of trees. Reed of two human heights "bows" due to the waves the boat casts. Like fabulous dinosaurs, skeletons of old trees lean over the coastal water. Huge snags in the water resemble alligators, ready for a spurt towards their prey. Big gray herons and small water birds often take off from the water surface being frightened with the noise of the boat. And the bright blue kingfishers, fast as arrows, accompany the way. 

The journey from Kazachiy Erik to Akhtanizovsky firth, where the sacred pink lotus has taken root, takes about an hour. 

Долина лотосов

Valley of Lotuses

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