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House of brothers Bogarsukov

Дом братьев Богарсуковых

In 1900-1901, on the side of the quarter on Gimnazicheskaya Street, facing the Sobornaya Square, a two-storey building was built by the order of the Trading House "Brothers K. and Kh. Bogarsukov", which became a decoration and a "visiting card" of Krasnodar.

In 1906, the merchant brothers invited artists to paint the premises in their family home. The living room and halls of the mansion were decorated with alfrey painting. The wall and ceiling paintings were full of fairytale paintings, fantastic landscapes and allegorical portraits in the Italian manner.

Over time, the Bogarsukov brothers' own house became the "cultural nest" of the Kuban capital. It hosted city charity concerts, Christmas trees, home theater performances.

During the Civil War, the building was requisitioned to house the headquarters of the Volunteer Army; after the change of power in 1920, it housed a medical unit of the 9th Army. In 1961, the building was transferred to the Krasnodar Museum of Local Lore, which, since 1977 called the Krasnodar State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, is located here to this day.

In 2005, during the reconstruction of the architectural monument "House of Bogarsukovs" in several museum halls, under layers of plaster and paints, alfrey paintings were discovered.

Дом братьев Богарсуковых

House of brothers Bogarsukov

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