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House-Museum of A.Kh. Tammsaare

Дом-музей А.Х. Таммсааре

The Anton (Hansen) Tammsaare House Museum is dedicated to the classic of the 20th century Estonian literature, novelist, playwright, author of the epic novel "Truth and Justice", which brought European fame to its creator.

In 1912, an outstanding Estonian novelist came to a highland village to receive treatment for tuberculosis. He settled in the house of the Vaarman family, the local intelligentsia. He was closely interested in the new life of his compatriots. About his impressions, about participation in the rural song festival, about the difficult but well-fed life of Estonians in the Caucasus A.Kh. Tammsaare wrote to his homeland for the newspaper "Päevaleht" in the essays "Estonian settlement in Krasnaya Polyana", "From the Black Sea coast". He collected material for the future "Sochi" story "Shades", translated F. Dostoevsky into Estonian, wrote two stories "Boy and Butterfly", "Playing the Canela".

Stay A.Kh. Tammsaare in Esto-Sadok left a deep mark on the history of the community, Estonian settlers, whose ancestors came to the Caucasus and founded the village of Esto-Sadok (Estonian Garden) at the end of the 19th century. In 1988, in memory of a distant event, the A.Kh. Tammsaare.

The exposition of the museum preserves the unique atmosphere of the 19th – 20th centuries, giving an idea of ​​the tastes, preferences, and way of life of Estonian settlers. The museum displays exhibits that tell about the traditions and crafts of the villagers: household items, kitchen utensils, a spinning wheel, national musical instruments, clothes, shoe accessories, handmade woven products. The museum has unique photographs and documents that capture events in the life of the village: christenings, weddings, seeing off to the army, traditional holidays.

In the halls of the museum one can hear a story not only about A.Kh. Tammsaare. The majestic nature was a source of inspiration for many writers of Russia: B. Kornilov created the cycle "Krasnopolyanskoe Highway", A. Bely wrote watercolors and sketches in prose, the legends of Medvezhiy Ugol formed the basis of E. Schwartz's play "An Ordinary Miracle". Here V. Vysotsky sang for his friends.

At present, the A.Kh. Tammsaare plays the role of the cultural, historical and ethnographic center of Krasnaya Polyana.

Дом-музей А.Х. Таммсааре

House-Museum of A.Kh. Tammsaare

Krasnodar region, Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Estonskaya street, 35

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