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House-Museum of V.G. Korolenko in Dzhankhot

Дом-музей В.Г. Короленко в Джанхоте

Just like 100 years ago, at the entrance to the gorge of the resort Dzhankhot, a lonely white house with a red roof can be seen far away on the opposite slope, through the branches of centuries-old trees. This is the house of Illarion Korolenko, the brother of the writer Vladimir Korolenko. The house was built in 1901-1902 according to the plans and drawings of the writer. In the estate, almost everything has been preserved in the original form in which it was 100 years ago: this is a stone two-story mansion, with an attic under the old Marseilles tiled roof, and carved like lace, wooden verandas, stairs and balconies, and a stone outhouse, similar a toy castle with an observation tower and stone retaining walls in the courtyard, a glacier.

After the owners left the house, whoever did not manage it: a children's colony of homeless children, then a commune formed in the 1930s, various families of farmers, temporary recreation centers, pioneer camps. The external wooden structures of buildings have deteriorated over the years, decayed, rotted. Many wooden elements were completely lost, and the buildings lost their original appearance, but the stone structures remained the same.

Even before the Great Patriotic War, the country's literary community raised the issue of the need to create a museum of V.G. Korolenko. The fact is that it was in Dzhanhot that the writer worked on many of his essays and stories. Gelendzhik Museum of History and Local Lore attempted to create a museum, corresponded with the writer's daughter, Sofia Vladimirovna Korolenko. But the museum was not established before the war. After the war, in the 1950s, the literary community raised the issue of creating a museum of the writer, and the city museum not only supported the idea of ​​the public, but also acted as one of the initiators. In 1953, a corner of the writer V.G. Korolenko in a small room in the wing. In May 1957, a memorial plaque about the writer's stay in Dzhankhot was erected on the building. In 1958, the house of I.G. Korolenko falls under the jurisdiction of the Korenovsk sugar plant.

In connection with the intensive development of the city of Gelendzhik as a health resort of union significance in the early 1960s, the leadership supported the initiative of the city museum to create a literary and memorial museum of the outstanding Russian writer V.G. Korolenko. Thus, the museum was officially opened on May 21, 1964.

From 1982 to 1991, restoration work was carried out in the museum by the efforts of the Krasnodar Special Scientific Restoration Production Workshop of the Regional Department of Culture. A new stage of restoration was started only in 1998, completed in 2003.

Today the memorial house and the entire estate have regained their original appearance. The memorial estate, enclosed by a fence, has been landscaped and recreated in the form it was in the early 20th century. The museum has created a complex of objects to be shown to visitors: a literary exposition (rooms on the 1st floor of the house), a memorial and household exposition - "study", "dining room", "rest room" (rooms on the 2nd floor), a memorial estate with an outbuilding, house, retaining walls, basements, flower beds and green spaces, and finally the surrounding landscape with a century-old Pitsunda pine forest. The expositions not only introduce the life, work and social activities of the writer, but also allow you to immerse yourself in the everyday atmosphere of an old dacha, where magnificent images were born and outstanding works of Russian literature of the early 20th century were born. All the elements of the museum complex are interconnected, and together they make up the museum ensemble, which creates the unique look of the museum.

The uniqueness of the V.G. Korolenko is that it is the only literary museum of the writer in Russia.

House-Museum of V.G. Korolenko is a monument of history and architecture.

Дом-музей В.Г. Короленко в Джанхоте

House-Museum of V.G. Korolenko in Dzhankhot

Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik, Dzhankhot village

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