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Upside-Down House

Дом вверх дном

"Upside-down house " is located on the territory of the cultural and tourist complex "Russia".

Amazing place where ceiling and floor have swapped places. You can't lie on the bed, you can't put a plate on the table, and the TV shows the cartoon upside down. The one-storey house consists of five rooms: a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen and a bathroom. You can enter the house using the stairs, which, by the way, is the only object in this house that is not upside down. It may seem that living in such a house is quite fun.

With a long stay in it, you can feel a surge of emotions and even a change in space and time. As the owners joke, the house was turned over by strong winter Novorossiysk nord-osts.

Numerous visitors and tourists are delighted with unusual emotions, and take with them unforgettable impressions and stunning photos.

Дом вверх дном

Upside-Down House

Krasnodar region, Novorossiysk, Abrau-Dyurso village, st. Korolenko, 16 A

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