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Ethno-farm "Shishin dvor"

этно-хутор «Шишин двор»

The ethno-farm is located on a picturesque sunny part of the slope, protected from strong winds. The summer tourist trail "Lake Traverse" and the ski slopes Ozernaya and Gorizont make the access to the farm convenient for guests at any time of the year.

In the ethno-farm, the typical way of a Russian resettlement estate has been restored. Here Abkhazian, Russian and Svan traditions of mountain life merge. Until the middle of the twentieth century, the villages of Krasnaya Polyana and Estosadok were arranged in the same way, until industrialization changed the appearance of mountain villages.

In addition to the excursion to the Ethno-Khutor, you can see and communicate with local goats, arrange a lunch of farm products, take part in a master class on baking bread or khachapuri in the oven. Also on the farm are popular hiking or skiing, accompanied by a huntsman instructor.

According to Caucasian traditions, the inhabitants of the farm make salted suluguni cheese, young goat cheese, hard mate cheese, and yogurt from the milk of Mengrelian goats.

Beekeeping is another traditional craft in the Western Caucasus, Abkhaz honey "Abaza" has been valued since ancient times. Local unique honey is also produced directly in the farm's apiaries and can be tasted.

If you like something, you can buy farm produce from the farm at a local kiosk.

этно-хутор «Шишин двор»

Ethno-farm "Shishin dvor"

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