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Ethnographic Museum Complex "Nart"

Этнографический музейный комплекс «Нарт»

Agui-Shapsug village in Tuapse district of Krasnodar region, located near the Kolikho ridge in the gorge of the Agoy river, is the home of the largest community of Shapsugs - the people of the Adyghe group, indigenous to the coast of the Western Caucasus. The ethnographic museum complex "Nart" was opened in the center of Agui-Shapsug. On an area of ​​1.5 hectares, there is an Adyghe courtyard with the owner's house, a hache-room for guests, outbuildings, a corral for livestock, a stable. During the construction, the most important details were taken into account, exclusively natural materials were used. For example, to create a fence encircling a complex of premises for storing cereal crops, a guest from Abkhazia was invited, who has the skills of the ancient technique of weaving fences from the Caucasian liriodenrod.

Here you can visit the museum of archaeological antiquities, national costumes, artistic canvases by Adyghe artists, wax figures demonstrating different historical eras. On the territory of the complex, you can see the premises for storing cereals, built according to the ancient technology of weaving from the Caucasian liriodendron tree. For guests, master classes in Adyghe dances for children and adults, Adyghe concerts to the fiery rhythms of the Caucasus with dances and songs are held.

In 2014, the exposition of the complex expanded. It was replenished with 22 full-length wax figures of famous Circassian figures, some of them on horseback, as well as historical figures. Among them are Ivan Grozny and his second wife Maria Temryukovna, before her baptism - Princess of Kucheni, daughter of the Kabardian prince Temryuk. The wax figures were made to order in St. Petersburg.

Этнографический музейный комплекс «Нарт»

Ethnographic Museum Complex "Nart"

Krasnodar region, Tuapse district, Nebug rural settlement, village Agui-Shapsug

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