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Hill of Heroes

Горка Героев

Many years ago a cathedral was located on this site, which could be seen from anywhere in the city. This hill was named Tserkovnaya. But before the construction of the cathedral, this hill had the name "Krepostnaya" because of the Velyaminovsky fort located here. During the existence of the USSR, the hill was called Pionerskaya.

During the war, German air raids did not stop on Tuapse; anti-aircraft batteries were installed on the territory of the destroyed cathedral. German aviation did not stop trying to destroy anti-aircraft guns, as evidenced by the hill that was simply plowed by German bombs. In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Victory, it was decided to rename this place to the Hill of Heroes, and in 1965 - to erect a monument to the Unknown Soldier in this place.

A guard was set up at the monument, in which at different times pioneers, Komsomol members and soldiers stood, the Eternal Flame was built and lit. The remains of fifty unknown soldiers of the Great Patriotic War were also buried in 1965, but later burials were also made. Today the memorial complex on the Hill of Heroes is a place of worship for the soldiers who died in the battles for the city of Tuapse. On May 9, on Victory Day, residents come to honor the memory of the soldiers. A wide staircase leads to the Hill of Heroes, climbing up which you can see the panorama of the port.

There is another monument near the memorial. It was erected on the spot where the crew of the anti-aircraft gun died, the commander of which was sergeant Grigoriev. Before reaching the stairs, marble memorial plaques are installed in a large semicircle; they bear the names of the Heroes of the Soviet Union - those who died in the battles for Tuapse, lists military units and subunits, aviation, infantry, and navy that fought in the Tuapse direction. The authors of the project are D.K. Lisetskiy and A.P. Kramnik.

Горка Героев

Hill of Heroes

Krasnodar region, Tuapse district, Tuapse

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