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Kropotkin Museum of Local Lore

Городской краеведческий музей города Кропоткина

The town museum of local lore was founded on June 11, 1970. The peculiarity of the Kropotkin Museum is a two-story building, which is an architectural monument (1910) of regional significance. The museum funds contain 7119 items of the main and scientific auxiliary funds. Exposition and exhibition area - 313 square meters.

The structure of the museum has a publishing and advertising and information department, which allows it to provide reference, information and analytical, advertising, representation, image-forming, tourist services (catalogs, guidebooks, booklets, badges and other souvenir products).

The convenient location of the museum is the central street and the center of the city of Kropotkin at the intersection of pedestrian routes, near transport links (11 bus routes pass). The museum is located 290 meters from a bus stop and 300 meters from the railway station (a 19th century historical monument of regional importance).

In 2014, a new exposition was created, dedicated to the period of the city's history in the 30s and the period of the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945). Also open to the public is an exposition reflecting history from the 5th millennium BC. until the period of formation and development of the Romanovsky village - the town of Kropotkin.

Городской краеведческий музей города Кропоткина

Kropotkin Museum of Local Lore

Krasnodar region, Kropotkin, st. Krasnaya, 68

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