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Mud volcanoes

Грязевые вулканы

\n Taman is the only territory in the country where you can see mud volcanoes. The special feature of Taman volcanoes is that they do not puff fiery lava, but invisibly digest in their strata the mixture of clay, water, hydrocarbon gases and oil inclusions, from time to time spitting it out to the surface. There are over 30 mud volcanoes on the Taman Peninsula. Beautiful Akhtanizovskaya Sopka with a conical peak, the mountain Karabetova that is fully cut up by ravines, Tsimbaly volcanoes that loudly quivered some years ago, the mountain Gnilaya that periodically gushes and the volcano Miska inhabited by people — these are only some of Taman volcanoes, which hundreds of holiday-makers, visiting Temryuksky District, aspire to look at.\n<\/p>\n

\n Many people come to the Azov coast, hoping to see a free amusement from the coastline — eruptions of sea volcanoes, namely the volcanoes Temryuksky and Golubitsky, which erupt once in 3-4 years.\n<\/p>\n

\n Healing properties of mud are known to everyone. Pulpy grey mud rises to the surface with oil gas bubbles. Muds of the Taman volcanoes refer to mineral muds such as clay. They are of light grey colour, alkaline peloids with high colloidity, rich in biologically active elements such as iodine, bromine, boron, and they do not contain hydrogen sulphide and organic matter. The mud solution is hydro-carbonate chloride sodium, sufficiently saturated with salt according to the mineralization degree.\n<\/p>\n

\n The mud treatment improve immune-biological and regenerative processes, exert a favourable effect on protein, water and carbohydrate metabolism. \n<\/p>\n

\n Ministry of resorts, tourism and the Olympic legacy of Krasnodar Region / https://kurortkuban.ru/<\/a> \n<\/p>\n

Грязевые вулканы

Mud volcanoes

Temryuksky district, Krasnodar region

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