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Museum of History and Local Lore of Primorsko-Akhtarsk

Историко-краеведческий музей Приморско-Ахтарска

The building of the museum at 91 Lenina Street was built by the merchant Malyshev for a grain processing office at the beginning of the twentieth century (approximately 1913), next to it there is a building of similar architecture, at 93 Lenina street, where the merchant lived with his family. In the courtyard there were warehouses, a mill, the gates were used for the passage of freight transport (horse carts, at the exit to the right, a bracket was preserved, to which the horses were tied).

Lenina Street used to be called Krasnaya. After the war, the building housed an elementary school No. 19.

In May 1960, a section of history teachers came up with an initiative to organize an interschool museum. The museum was opened on May 19, 1962 and worked on a voluntary basis. The museum council included veterans of the Great Patriotic War and history teachers.

On December 23, 1980, by order of the Minister of Culture of the RSFSR No. 758, the museum was awarded the title of national. Since 2002 - the municipal museum of the Primorsko-Akhtarsky district, since 2007 - the municipal museum of the Primorsko-Akhtarsky urban settlement.

The exposition of the museum consists of blocks of archeology, including random finds on the territory of the district, Cossack and merchant history, mainly of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, a block dedicated to fellow countrymen, a block of "military items" (weapons, uniforms, personal belongings and documents) and a block agricultural machinery.

The collection of the museum contains unique exhibits: Meotian gray-clay dishes; Roman amphora of the 2nd quarter of the 1st century AD; signed Byzantine amphora of the 14th – 15th centuries AD; a memorial plaque "to the police officers and Cossacks of the village of Brinkovskaya, who died from their wounds"; money from the High Command of the Armed Forces in the South of the country (1918–1919, Rostov-on-Don); a certificate signed by Budyonny to the squadron commander Yan Berzin on the occasion of the first anniversary of the first cavalry army; machine gun ShKAS (Shpitalny-Komarnitsky aviation rapid-fire) in satisfactory condition; machine gun "Maxim" on the bed, model 1938 (training); UralZIS car; tractor STZ 1936 (Soviet "Fordson").

Историко-краеведческий музей Приморско-Ахтарска

Museum of History and Local Lore of Primorsko-Akhtarsk

Krasnodar region, Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Lenina street, 91

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