Local history museum of Kavkazskaya village

Краеведческий музей станицы Кавказской
The museum contains more than 3,600 exhibits; more than 5,000 people visit it annually.

The eventful story of the village, described by the military foreman of the Kuban Cossack army, historian A.D. Lamonov in the “Historical Sketch on the Settlement of Kavkazskaya village ", inspired the participant of the Great Patriotic War, the teacher of school №1 Goroshnikov Evgeny Petrovich to organize a campaign of schoolchildren to the places of fortifications of the Kuban cordon line. The finds brought from this trip formed the basis of the expositions. Specialists of the regional museum took part in their design. In 1968, the grand opening of the first museum in the history of the village took place on the basis of school No. 1.

In 1970, the museum won first place in the review competition of school museums of the RSFSR.

In 1988 he acquired the status of a stanitsa. In 1994, by order of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR, the Museum of Kavkazskaya village was awarded the honorary title "People's".

Since the fall of 2015, the museum has moved to a renovated historic building on the Lenin street, 225 - to the House of Malinovsky, which is a historical monument. The exposition “Cossack village. Milestones in history "- about the history of the founding of the village by the Cossacks, the construction of the Caucasian fortress, the great people related to the village: the commander A.V. Suvorov, the poet Pushkin A.S., Eliseev F.I. and others. Expositions "Kavkazskaya during the Civil War and Revolution", "Kavkazskaya village during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "Glorious pages of history or the Service of muses does not tolerate vanity", dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the museum. In the summer of 2018, the transformation of the museum courtyard began - an open exposition area appeared in it, and the exhibition "Kuban-Mother Hospitable" is located here.

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