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Krasnodar Balneotherapy Center

Краснодарская бальнеолечебница

The Krasnodar balneotherapy center carries out a range of medical, recreational and preventive measures aimed at the rehabilitation treatment of children with various diseases. This is one of the few balneological centers in Russia that provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment, and uses spa factors for rehabilitation without changing climatic conditions. The complex uses reflexology, laser therapy, mud therapy, halochamber (salt caves). Hydro rehabilitation courses are conducted in the iodine-bromine pool. The balneotherapy center has its own diagnostic base: ultrasound of internal organs, functional diagnostics. The Krasnodar Center for Reconstructive Medicine successfully treats diseases of the organs of support and movement, the nervous system (enuresis in children, tics, neurotic conditions), respiratory organs, digestive system, ENT pathology, disorders of the cardiovascular system (vegetovascular dystonia), as well as many urological, gynecological, skin and allergic diseases. Treatment and prevention of various pathological conditions are carried out according to individually developed programs by highly qualified specialists. The appointment of procedures of natural origin can reduce the intake of drugs, reduce the number of exacerbations and strengthen the immune system. Sanatorium treatment promotes long-term remission and functional recovery of the body. 

Number of beds - an outpatient health resort.

Distance from beach - no beach.

Pool - available.

Seasonality - year-round. 

Sports ground - available.

Training in the autumn-winter period - not provided

Краснодарская бальнеолечебница

Krasnodar Balneotherapy Center

267 Gertsena str., Krasnodar, Krasnodar region

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