The first themed architectural Park on the black sea coast, created by Alexander Alekseev.

On an area of more than a hectare, the main epochs of world culture and aesthetics have found their embodiment: Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the middle Ages and the Renaissance. A unique effect of the unity of cultures is created: in one green space, different "time points" and architectural styles get along and complement each other, making up the integrity.

The Egyptian Sphinx, the guardian of the Pharaoh, the obelisk indicating that the power of the king is the will of heaven, and the pyramid, which absorbed all the spirit of ancient civilization.

An ancient temple where Greek mythology merges with Roman culture under the statue of Zeus, giving rise to classics.

The colonnade and fountain are already the era of the European enlightenment. A stone bridge fr om the Middle ages and a watchtower take you to a corner of romantic architecture. The "house for two" from the time of Eloise and Abelard and the Palace gazebo of deadly sins in the middle of an intricate pond are early Gothic with its inherent Doomsday motifs.

Here, from the pretentious Baroque to the intricate art Nouveau a few steps.

The ancient world is represented by the temple of Zeus (Jupiter). The temple was built according to the canons of ancient Greek and Roman architecture. Inside is a sculptural image of the God Zeus.

The exhibits of the "Old Park" are beautiful exotic plants, a variety of flower arrangements and an artfully designed landscape! A lot of water bodies, from small ponds to the magnificent Aqueduct! Fountains and waterfalls!

The Park has a pond and a medieval tower on its Bank. The pond is decorated with a rotunda located on the island — a fountain with a sculpture group on the theme "Seven deadly sins" in the medieval tradition.

The gallery of modern art, the building of which is made in the art Nouveau style, has a collection of paintings by Russian artists. The house of the Caucasus has the richest exposition in the Krasnodar territory dedicated to the history of the Caucasus.

Eastern culture is embodied in the house of the East. This is not just a beautiful architectural structure — it is a unique Museum in its content, wh ere an amazing collection is collected, each exhibit of which has its own history and value.

Orthodoxy in the" Old Park " is symbolized by the chapel of St. Nicholas-consecrated by Metropolitan Isidore of Kuban and Ekaterinodar.

The pearl of the cultural center is the Old Park Theater, which is not just a beautiful building in the form of a huge rotunda, but a whole ensemble. This includes a theater gazebo, a decorative poster, and beautiful landscaping that borders the luxurious architecture. The auditorium is designed for 150 seats. Unique interior decoration, interiors, unique acoustics, technical equipment and the highest skill of performers leave an unforgettable impression of the performances seen here.

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