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Cultural and entertainment center "Olymp"

Культурно-развлекательный центр «Олимп»

One of the remarkable places in Gelendzhik and the entire Black Sea region is the family recreation and entertainment park "Olymp". Mountain Park "Olymp" is a wide variety of entertainment for every taste: cable car with hanging chairs, bowling center, cafes and restaurants, concert hall "Olymp", picnic areas, night disco "Olymp", observation platforms, horseback riding, a ferris wheel at the highest point of the Markotkh ridge, a tasting room of Kuban wines, trade pavilions, children's attractions and entertainment, and even a crocodile farm.

Mountain bike rental is also available. In addition, there is a bathhouse, a large lake, cascading into pools where trout is found, which can be caught with rented fishing rods, the catch will be prepared in a cafe.

The cable car has a length of 1150 meters, lifting height - 420 meters. The highest point of the Markotkh ridge on the observation deck is 570 meters above the Black Sea level. The carrying capacity of the Olymp cable car is 750 people per hour, the number of seats is 120 pieces.

The concert hall is designed for 3500 spectators.

Культурно-развлекательный центр «Олимп»

Cultural and entertainment center "Olymp"

Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik, Kupriyanova Shchel, 1

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