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Resort "Kazachiy Bereg"

Курорт «Казачий берег»

"Kazachiy Bereg" is a resting place on the Azov Sea. Located 40 kilometers from Yeisk on the Dolgaya spit. The resort is famous for its gentle sun, mild southern climate, excellent beaches and lots of entertainment.

Vacationers here will find a clean beach, a calm atmosphere and entertainment for all ages: water attractions, inflatable slides, bowling, billiards, sauna, discos and entertainment programs, paintball, bike and scooter rental, volleyball and football on the beach, fishing, skydiving, activities in the sports town and much more.

The beach is equipped with gazebos, showers, awnings, bungalows and sun loungers.

Курорт «Казачий берег»

Resort "Kazachiy Bereg"

Krasnodar region, Yeisk District, Dolzhanskaya village, spit Dolgaya

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