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Mechanical Museum of Leonardo da Vinci

Механический музей Леонардо да Винчи

The museum displays operating models and mechanisms assembled by Russian historians and restorers according to Leonardo da Vinci's drawings.

A perpetual motion machine, glider, crossbow, catapult, trebuchet and other exhibits can be independently tested in order to understand the principle of operation of the devices, and professional guides will tell the background of inventions and demonstrate the scientific achievements of the genius.

The name Leonardo da Vinci has topped the list of true geniuses for over five hundred years. Even modern history will not give an example of such a versatile personality as an artist, sculptor, philosopher and mechanic. Most of his manuscript heritage (which is almost 11,000 sheets!) Is notes on mechanics, equipped with drawings of various mechanisms and devices, both known in the 15th century and unknown then.

His theoretical calculations are admired by modern scientists, wondering how it is possible to formulate such voluminous and accurate theses in the fifteenth century.

A family trip or a school trip to the Leonardo da Vinci Mechanical Museum is a compelling motivation for getting a decent education for both children and adults. After all, here are the fruits of the creative mind of a person who studied all his conscious life and reached incredible heights.

Механический музей Леонардо да Винчи

Mechanical Museum of Leonardo da Vinci

Krasnodar region, Sochi, Mezdunarodnaya street, 8

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