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Mineral Glade

«Минеральная» поляна

The picturesque ground is located near the Gorge Goryacheye between the mountain Abadzekhskaya and the mountain Kurortnaya in the Healing Park at the entrance to Dante gorge.

In ancient times the most abundant natural outflows of Psekups mineral waters were located just at that spot. In their proximity people dug pits in the ground, filled them with hot healing water and then cured themselves by any means they ever knew.

Then these areas were equipped with services and utilities; the water from the springs was drained through the mineral water pipelines nearer to the resort. The Iveron chapel was built at the foot of the mountain. The living water monument was raised in the centre of the glade.

«Минеральная» поляна

Mineral Glade

Goryachy Klyuch, Krasnodar region

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