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Postal Service Museum in Kuban

Музей почтовой связи на Кубани

The Postal Service Museum is the only museum of such a profile in Krasnodar region. It was created with the active participation of workers and veterans of the postal industry. Its opening took place on October 16, 2006.

The building of the Krasnodar Post Office, where the Postal Service Museum in Kuban is located, was commissioned on November 15, 1915. The authors of the project of the Ekaterinodar postal and telegraph office were the leading architects of the city: A.P. Kosyakin (1875-1919) and I.K. Malgerb (1862-1938). During the Second World War, the building was destroyed and then restored to its original form. Today it is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, which is a monument of architecture.

The stock collection of the Postal Service Museum in Kuban has over 400 exhibits, which have been collected literally bit by bit during 10 years. It includes rare archival documents and photographs, the first postage stamps, postcards and envelopes, documents from the Great Patriotic War, as well as rare exhibits - the uniform of postmen of the 50-70s, the uniform of the postmaster of the 19th century, postal bags of different time periods, start-stop telegraph apparatus, electromagnetic stamping machine, wax seal, mock mail yard. The workplace of the postmaster of the XIX century is also recreated here, mannequins ara placed.

The unique collection of stamps at the Postal Museum in Kuban includes over 200 genuine exhibits from the private collection of the Krasnodar philatelist Sergey Demin. Two stands display rare postage stamps, postcards and envelopes issued between 1958 and 2008.

In addition to the main exhibition and sightseeing activities, the Postal Museum in Kuban traditionally takes part in events, such as joint meetings with the local history section of the Krasnodar House of Scientists, organization of internships for students of the Museum Department of the Kuban State Institute of Culture and Arts and the Department of Social Services and Tourism of the Kuban Socio-Economic Institute, conducting excursions for orphans and children from regional orphanages with the support of the Krasnodar regional branch of the All-Russian public fund “Russian Children's Fund” and the many-children’s society “Blago” in Krasnodar, participation in the action “Museums Night” together with the Krasnodar State Historical Archaeological Museum-Reserve named after E.D. Felitsyn, and others.

Visits to production workshops and the client hall of the Krasnodar Post Office are organized for secondary school students during excursions, which allows conducting excursions at the post office with greater clarity, introducing technologies in practice.

Museum annual exhibitions:

- Philatelic exhibition for International Women's Day

- Exhibition of stamps, postal envelopes and postcards for Cosmonautics Day

- Exhibition of children's artwork for the International Children's Day

- Exhibition of postal envelopes and postcards for the Day of the city of Krasnodar

- Exhibition of New Year's cards

- Exhibitions organized as part of the celebration of Russian Post Day (every second Sunday of July) and World Post Day (October 9).

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