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Sochi Auto Museum

Музей «Сочи Автомузей»

In the museum you can get acquainted with the legends of the Soviet automobile industry.

The history of the Soviet passenger car is closely related to the history of our country. The automobile industry emerged in the distant thirties, when the young Soviet republic, which was creating its own economy, began to need vehicles. They turned to the Americans for help, and after a while an automobile plant and the first Soviet cars appeared in the USSR.

The next page is connected with the post-war years, when the Soviet school of automobile construction was gaining strength in the country and its own technical developments appeared in this area.

The heyday of our car industry falls on the 50-60s. It was then that legendary Soviet cars were created, which were awarded international prizes and were very popular not only among Soviet motorists, but were also actively exported abroad.

In the early 70s, auto giants appeared in the country, and passenger cars became more accessible to a large number of Soviet people.

And then history takes a sharp turn: perestroika begins in the 1980s, and along with there come problems that our automotive industry has never been able to cope with.

The museum has more than a hundred exhibits from the 1930s – 90s.

Музей «Сочи Автомузей»

Sochi Auto Museum

Krasnodar region, Sochi, Olympic Park, Mezhdunarodnaya streeet, 12

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