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Museum "War Hill"

Музей «Военная горка»

Museum "War Hill" is located at the entrance to Temryuk on the extinct mud volcano Mount Miska. The exhibits are located on the slopes of the volcano in the open air.

The museum was opened in 1983 at the initiative of veterans. It contains about 100 exhibits. The exposition contains military vehicles of all types of troops. There are no more analogues of this technique in Russia. Here you can see land vehicles: tanks, armored vehicles, cannons. You can also see a transport plane, fighters and even a railway steam locomotive with a war car. Near the crater, there are marine exhibits: a large warship, underwater mines and torpedoes. There are also modern military and agricultural equipment.

At the top of the crater there is a monument dedicated to the liberation of Temryuk from the German invaders. The monument is made in the form of a T-34 tank. The memorial obelisk reads: “The defense of Temryuk will go down in the history of the Patriotic War. The whole country is watching the heroism shown by the personnel, as it once followed the heroes of Sevastopol ”(S.M. Budyonny).

Музей «Военная горка»

Museum "War Hill"

Krasnodar region, Temryuk district, Temryuk, R. Luxembourg street

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