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Museum "Exhibition of robotic dinosaurs"

Музей «Выставка роботизированных динозавров»

Robots and dinosaurs are perhaps some of the most popular creatures today. Both children and adults love them. The study of robots and dinosaurs has long become a fascinating science with many followers.

The creators of this exhibition have designed robotic dinosaurs that combine only the best. They took power and majesty from the ancient inhabitants of the Earth, before which fear and curiosity subconsciously appear at the same time. They took movement from robots, a kind of grace inherent only in robotic beings.

At the dinosaur exhibition in the Olympic Park, dinosaurs move as if they were alive, emit growls, breathe. And you seem to be moving several million years ago, in the era of such amazing animals.

The largest on display, the 8-meter Brachiosaurus, is awe-inspiring. Its friend is a tyrannosaurus 7 meters tall, but that makes it no less scary. Triceratops is relatively small - it is "only" 5 meters tall.

Here you can also learn the amazing story of the extinct giants, as well as about their life and habits.

Музей «Выставка роботизированных динозавров»

Museum "Exhibition of robotic dinosaurs"

Krasnodar region, Sochi, Mezhdunarodnaya street, 8

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