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The bathhouse with the telling name #NeProstoBanya opened at the Gazprom resort in the spring of 2018. Its title of the highest above sea level bath in Russia is officially registered in the Russian Book of Records.

The eco-concept of the bath is not only in its picturesque location and huge panoramic windows, but also in the water used in #NeProstoBanya. Font barrels are filled with mineralized water of different temperatures for contrast procedures. Natural water extracted from the well is used by the bathhouse attendant while steaming.

The climate also has a healing effect - a mixture of alpine and subtropical climates, the air enriched with iodine has a beneficial effect on the body.



Krasnodar region, Sochi, Estosadok village, Krasnaya Polyana, upper station of cable lift "Alpika", 2256 m above sea level

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