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Obelisk "To Fighters for Soviet Power"

Обелиск «Борцам за власть Советов»

A high spire with bas-reliefs is located in the center of the October Revolution Square in Tuapse. In the late 50s, during the restoration of the passenger pier, the construction of a new seaport began, a decision was made to improve this territory. It was laid with paving slabs, flower beds were set there.

In November 1966, the grand opening of the obelisk "To the Fighters for Soviet Power" took place. The obelisk is a triangular spire 21 meters high, in its lower part there are bas-reliefs on the edges.

This monument was designed by architects Lisetskiy and Kolchin, as well as artist Kramnik. Two fountains were built in the square in the form of two large concrete bowls. The square with fountains is the hallmark of the city of Tuapse.

The October Revolution Square was reconstructed, a light and music fountain was installed here. The fountain is made in the form of an open area paved with granite and ceramics, from which several water jets up to 18 meters high erupt, it "performs" the compositions loved by everyone.

A little north of the obelisk "Fighters for Soviet Power" there is a funny monument to horse mackerel (it was this fish that saved the inhabitants of the city and its defenders from hunger during the Great Patriotic War), to the west - a sundial, to the north - the city House of Culture (Palace of Culture of Sailors, 1937. ), and to the east - the control tower of the seaport control. All together they form the ensemble of the October Revolution Square, which is considered the central one in the city.

Обелиск «Борцам за власть Советов»

Obelisk "To Fighters for Soviet Power"

Krasnodar region, Tuapse

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