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Hunting in Yeisk district

Охота в Ейском районе

The reservoirs of Yeisk district are widely represented by firths and floodplains, which are ideal for fishing and hunting. The geographical position and variety of natural landscapes of the firth and floodplain zones of Yeisk district make the territory rare as a natural habitat for birds and animals.

Yeisk district has an unusually rich variety of waterfowl. In autumn, coots, gray geese, mallards, sandpipers, glossy ibises, teals, pochards, as well as white and gray herons, bitterns, spoonbills, cormorants live. Steppe birds are also found: gray partridges, pheasants. The floodplains and firths are famous for the abundance of wild boar; there are numerous raccoons, otters, foxes, and grey hares.

The following types of sport hunting with a gun are available in the area during permitted period. For animals: wild boar hunting, wolf hunting, raccoon dog hunting, jackal hunting, fox hunting, hare hunting. Bird hunting: quail hunting, corncrake hunting, pigeon hunting, pheasant hunting, snipe hunting, ruff hunting, duck hunting, goose hunting.

More than half of waterfowl, migrating and nesting, stop at Lake Khanskoye, located on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov between the villages of Yasenskaya and Kopanskaya.

Hunters can stop at specially equipped bases located in close proximity to hunting grounds.

Охота в Ейском районе

Hunting in Yeisk district

Krasnodar region, Yeisk district

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