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Deer farm in the mountain tourist center "Gazprom"

Оленья ферма в ГТЦ «Газпром»

Northern. Deers. In summer. And even in the best mood. Guests of the Gazprom Mountain Tourist Center are awaiting at the Pikhtovy shelter in the hope that they will bring something delicious like reindeer lichen. And what can we say about photos in a deer farm - a real exotic.

A large paddock, yurts and special tracks where you can ride a sleigh with reindeer were built in the mountain tourist center. The farm is located on the site at the bottom of the H route (Pikhtovy mountain shelter, 1660 meters). For a large paddock we chose one of the snowiest and most picturesque places in the fir forest. There are more than a dozen deer on the farm: both adults and deer.

In summer, the farm hosts excursions during which you can learn interesting facts about the life of northern guests.

Оленья ферма в ГТЦ «Газпром»

Deer farm in the mountain tourist center "Gazprom"

Krasnodar region, Sochi, Adler district, Estosadok village

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