Hotel "Captain"

Отель «Капитан»
The Kapitan Hotel is a modern hotel complex made in an original architectural style, located on the central embankment of the resort town of Anapa. Hotel "Captain" has a number of advantages over other hotels in the city, one of which is that you can enjoy panoramic views of the sea not only from your room, but also from the cafe of the Hotel "Captain".
The Captain Hotel opened for the 2006 season. The hotel is well suited for families and individual tourists. All rooms of the Hotel offer a picturesque view of the endless expanses of the Black Sea. Enjoy the freshness of the sea breeze and the splendor of southern nature every day!
The Captain Hotel has 25 rooms, a cafe, a massage parlor, a tattoo parlor.
The Hotel's cafe offers a wide selection of fish, meat, elite wines of local or foreign producers. In the cafe you will be offered a large assortment of Caucasian dishes - barbecue from meat, poultry, fish and other dishes cooked on the grill. You can taste juicy partridges, Black Sea flounder, lamb ribs and other delicacies.

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